Nokia N95 - Get On The Fast Lane

By Alana Donna

Nokia mobile phones are quite popular among tech-savvy mobile users, and it is not so without a reason. The latest mobile phones from the Nokia Series kitty come with some very innovative capabilities. Moreover, many of these handsets are equally stunning in their looks - a fact that is valued by fashion conscious people from across the globe. In addition, there is a third factor that attracts potential users to Nokia mobile phones. Many people are drawn towards the brand value of Nokia. There are quite a few users who associate these mobile phones with the best in terms of quality. With Nokia mobiles, many of them believe that they are acquiring quality products that would cater to their evolving needs in the most comprehensive manner and that these will last for a lifetime. One handset that is proving all these and quite a bit more is the Nokia Series N95.

Nokia N95 mobile phone is a part of the Nokia's N Series phones, which by their very nature are powerful enough to connect, entertain and inform the modern day phone users. The Nokia N95, being one of the premium handsets from the series, comes with all these trademark qualities. One can use the handset for connecting on the move as well as for accessing the best in terms of entertainment. It is also possible for an owner of the Nokia N95 mobile phone to browse the internet for the latest news updates. All these capabilities combined with the very sophisticated design make this mobile phone from brand Nokia quite the gadget to acquire and use.

There are quite a few options that make the Nokia Series N95 mobile phone from Nokia quite irresistible. The design of the handset is sophisticated and very chic, for one. As a matter of fact, it has the tone for the high-end capabilities that one would gradually discover while using he device over a period of time. The handset comes with a slide open design. It is light in weight as well as small in profile; this ensures that carrying the Nokia Series N95 from one place to another is no trouble at all. The handset comes with an in-built 5 megapixel digital camera that can be used to capture impressive images and video clips. The connectivity options are all encompassing and equally impressive. An owner of the handset can make the most of USB, Infrared, Bluetooth, GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA and WLAN connectivity.

An integrated MP3 player and FM radio options are the other key attractions of this handset. The music experience can be personalized; there are specific headphones that can be used for the purpose. The music files, images, and other content can be stored quite easily. The 150 MB of internal memory that can be expanded using a microSD card slot ensure that there is no dearth of memory space.

Another unique feature of this very high-end mobile phone is its inherent GPS functionality. An owner of the handset can use it to locate her or his position in faraway destinations. This way, the user is able to find the best routes between two unknown places as well as zero in on specific locales without any trouble.

The easy availability of the Nokia Series N95 mobile phone is like the icing on the cake. Several leading service providers are offering some very attractive contract deals on this high-end Nokia mobile. The period of contract could be either 12 months or 18 months. The free line rentals and tariff options of these contract mobile phone deals are very much affordable. With incentives in the form of 3 months free insurance and free line rentals for specified periods, these deals are as good as they can get.

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